Q: Does this work with handwriting?

A: If you have very nice handwriting it will pick up on your text, but otherwise no. We are working very hard to get to a point where we can can recognize most handwriting.

Q: Is this a free app?

A: Yes, you can download the app and use it for free. After 1 month of use you can choose to continue with a monthly subscription of 2.99 or a one time buy out fee of 9.99.

Q: Is there an android version of this app?

A: Unfortunately there is no Android version yet. Good news though, the Android version is currently in development!

Q: Which Calendar platforms are you compatible with?

A: Apple Calendars. We are working on being compatible with a number of calendar providers. Which platform would you like to see Pencil-In work with?

Q: What if the app does not work with my calendar entry, business card, or document?

A: Feel free to send an email to Kyle@Pencil-In.com and he will get you squared away.